A few words about Us

At ADA4DIGITAL  we take pride in our work and that pride is connected to our commitment to detail through our hands on approach, over 70% of our work is non-automated.

Our team consist of over 80 web experts and their teams that work on ADA compliance issues daily, we’ll leverage our years of experience on your behalf to ensure you’re satisfied with your coverage.

Our Professionals will help develop a coverage plan that your brand will be proud to stand behind publicly.

Thank you for choosing us, we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with our cutting edge solutions and our professional approach.

Our Solutions 

    • Web Consulting Services 
    • ADA compliance services 
    • Search Engine optimization services



Our Core Features

ADA4digital is a trusted source when it comes to providing premium solutions for ADA requirements. Our proven systematic approach starts with a comprehensive site survey of your website, blog or store. Once your site survey is done we’ll share the available options with you and then deploy your coverage.


Great Experience


Effective Strategy


Powerful Tools

The works we do

Why Choose us

In the digital world there’s no such thing as two of a kind. Each instant is different and we approach our clients business with the same principles in mind. Your circumstances are unique to your business which is why we provide affordable tailored solutions for each of our clients rather than judy software that wasn’t designed to know the difference.

Highly important task will always require the presence of a human being and that’s coming from a company that creates software. With constant changes in the ADA requirements we prefer to maintain a hands on approach, after all our business is your business.


Why customers loves us?

We’ll be around even after your coverage starts and our goal is to support the many changes your site will absolutely go through.

A big thank you to ADA4Digital! My associate had told me about what you did for his company. Right around the same time a number of business owners in my area had just received letters from the lawyers about ADA violations. Nice job guys I’m sending more people!